What size of awning do I need?

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You may be thinking of getting an awning for your home or business. But after deciding you want one, the next question is often ‘what size of awning should I get?’

There are just a few things more annoying than purchasing something, only to find out it doesn’t fulfil your needs!

Why go through all the effort and spend money on an awning that isn’t wide enough or is too large for your property?

Whether you are purchasing an outdoor retractable awning or a window awning, we know that generic, store-bought structures may be limiting and have lower quality.

General awnings often come in hyper-specific sizes which limit how you can use them. This is why when choosing awnings for sale, it is best to consider custom options.

Since no two properties are the same, it’s all the more important to get an awning that is tailored specifically to your needs. This ensures you get the perfect size and maximum value.

In this article, we help decipher the ways to choose the perfect awning size and how to go about obtaining your very own!

Below are a few questions to help guide you through choosing the best awnings in Sydney.

What is the purpose of the awning?

Straight drop awnings

This is a vital first question when trying to gauge what size of awning you need.

Is it just a window awning or do you require a full outdoor deck awning? Do you want to advertise your shop’s brand on it or is it for personal use in your home?

These are important questions to ask as they will directly affect the size you are going to want to get.

Once a clear purpose is established, you can better understand if you need a larger or smaller awning.

You can also measure the windows or decks to know exactly what size you should buy.

What type of awning do I need?

Retractable awnings

Shortly after identifying the purpose of the awning, you must decide on the type.

The reason it is necessary to determine the purpose before deciding on the type is because, some options will fulfil your needs better than others.

For example, if you want convenience and ease, then an outdoor retractable awning might be the best choice.

But if you want to advertise your company outside your store, a straight drop awning would be better.

Knowing the type that will suit your needs allows you to consider the size more effectively.

You can determine whether you want a specific colour, canvas type or frame material which will all have an impact on price and size.

Depending on the type, you might be able to get a larger awning in different materials for the same price as a smaller awning.

As stated before, generic options don’t have this luxury.

Should I choose generic or custom?

Fixed canopy awnings

Finally, you must ask yourself whether or not you want to have a custom-made awning or if you are happy to just buy a boxed one.

This question will directly determine the size of your awning because common ones will only come in set sizes.

Custom made awnings are not only built with your preferred style in mind, but they also have higher quality and can be made to your specified size requirements. This means you can have edge-to-edge deck coverage without unnecessary overlap or gaps.

Having customised awnings also allows you to have your company brand or logo on the design.

Unlike the boxed deals which have just a few options, you can have specialised colours or patterns printed on the canvas.

One last thing with custom options is, they allow you to overcome any challenges or hiccups that might otherwise be a hindrance with general awnings.

Having a professional measure, design and build means you get the perfect awning.

These are just a few of the important questions to guide you in selecting the perfect awning size.

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