Family Kompakt

The distinctive features of our FAMILY KOMPACT are its superior quality, ease of operation and high value retention.

Whether in cassette or semi-cassette form, its classic design lends tranquillity to the home and bestows a holiday atmosphere.

Top of the range, ultra- modern heavy duty awning, ideal for residential and commercial use. The strongest of all our awnings; thick steel cables enable them to withstand strong winds.

An easy-to-operate cassette awning incorporating proven technical features.

The following models are available:
Family Kompakt Type C, closed on 3 sides
Family Kompakt Type D, closed on 4 sides, with unique protective fabric casing

  • Fabric and components protected against moisture and weather.
  • Arm bracket of high-strength aluminium alloy.
  • Upper arm fork of forged aluminium.
  • Sturdy front profile with double hollow chamber and integral rain gutter.
  • Hinged arms of aluminium with plastic-coated double cables for an extremely long service life.
  • Rust-resistant pins in Teflon-coated bearings.
  • High-grade steel screws.