What is an awning?

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Awnings can be described as a covering that extends out from a building.

In recent years, they are rising in popularity – and we’re sure you have seen multiple awnings just in the past day. This is because they are an easy and effective method of adding appeal to a home or business whilst having a highly functional purpose.

There are various types and styles of awnings. And depending on the desired outcome, some options will suit your property better than others.

This is why an expert opinion can really help in distinguishing the best choice.

Brief history of awningsAncient awnings

Awnings are a simple yet purposeful design feature that dates back to ancient Egyptian and Syrian civilisations.

Anciently, a lot of market stalls or outdoor structures would utilise awnings. They used wooden sticks and woven mats to extend over windows and entry ways, protecting them from the sun and rain.

As wood became easier to work with and metals, such as iron, were developed, awnings became stronger and more durable.

The increase in fabric production and strength also led to a rise in awning usage, as it is a convenient and stylish way of improving properties.

Types of awningsRetractable awnings

Awnings have come a long way since ancient Egypt. There are multiple types of awnings available now, but the two main options are retractable and manual awnings.

With the development of technology, you can now retract or extend an awning at the push of a button. This gives an even greater level of convenience.

Many businesses will choose a side drop awning as the shade covers can be customised to provide an extra layer of advertising and brand awareness.

For homes, entire backyards can be covered with large-scale awnings. This is due to the advancement of stronger materials, processes and installation.

BenefitsOutdoor retractable awnings

Having or installing an awning allows you to mitigate the effects of wind, rain and intense sunshine.

An awning is a simple way of keeping the elements from ruining your home and also allows you to enjoy the outdoor areas without worrying about getting soaked or sunburnt.

Awnings can actually help save money as they assist in regulating a building’s temperature, cutting down on heating or cooling costs.

They also add value to your home or office which can translate into higher sale costs or rentability.



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