How to maximise your awning during the holiday season

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Every year, as the holiday season approaches, many Sydney residents find themselves in a position where they want to spice up their home’s look. And this is to match the holiday cheer of the rest of the neighbourhood. 

If you find it challenging to come up with ideas, then this is the blog for you! 

Keep reading to find out more about how you can maximise your awning this holiday season. Plus, we’ll throw in a bonus section with advice on how to care for your awning during Sydney’s summer weather.

Sydney’s best awning decoration ideas for the holiday season

Many awning owners don’t realise that their awning is more than capable of handling lights, decorations and more during various holiday seasons. 

Christmas is the best time of the year to display your holiday cheer. And your awning is the centre stage of attention for local passer-by’s. To turn heads and impress your neighbours, hang up a colourful assortment of solar or plug-in lights on and around your awning.

Make sure you choose a lightweight option to avoid adding too much weight, which may damage your awning. 

Sydney’s best awning decoration ideas for the holiday season

Take note of certain safety measures when DIY installing your Christmas lights. Be sure to test all the lights before you begin hanging them up. It would be a pain to take them down more than once.

Use tools such as clips and fasteners to secure the string of lights safely. Use caution when fastening the lighting to your awning. 

Some electrical outlets and chords could be damaged and exposed to wet weather. It’s always better to be safe when using electrical décor around your home.

If you are fond of your lighting display, why take them down after Christmas? Keep your lights up all year round. The neighbours will love the lighting display.

If you need an awning revamp, why not go with festive colours? While you may not want to display a green and red striped awning all year round, other colour combinations can bring excitement to your window awnings for locals in Sydney passing by your home.

One of the best benefits of installing an outdoor retractable awning is helping improve the overall aesthetic look of your house. 

Add a touch of bliss to your property by picking a stylish colour that blends in with your home. Make sure to choose something that works together with the rest of your décor and furniture.

From a designer’s angle, the traditional stripe or solid colour is a popular choice for adding a cheery feel to your home. Jans Awnings has compiled a list of recommended popular awning shades to be considered.

  • Red

Select this option if the exterior of your home is painted with light shades such as yellow, white or tan. 

Combining a complementary shade of blue with red on your awnings can be quite aesthetically pleasing. Still, you need to carefully consider before you choose red if your home has green pigmentation and accents.

  • Green

Before you consider adding green awnings to your home, think about the particular shade and intensity of green you want to incorporate. For example, a deep or dark green can look natural, and blend with the nature surrounding your home; however, a lighter grass green might look tacky.

  • Blue

If your home is painted white, then blue is the perfect complementary colour. There are a variety of ideal shades of blue, including sky and electric blue, both conveying a different atmosphere in your home.

  • Yellow

Yellow can be a very attractive awning colour for homes that have different shades and styles. However, you have to keep in mind the amount of yellow present in your exterior paint. The colours might clash and create a distasteful look.

  • Brown

Most awning owners opt for the colour brown since they are effective in seamless colour transition and functionality. Once again, be mindful of the shade you pick as not all browns promote an attractive charm.

  • Orange

If your home has several variations of yellow, brown or tan, then orange awnings will compliment your home’s exterior. This colour invokes a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Just as there are many variations of lighting and colour themes, decorations can be put up as well. Its relatively easy to decorate and personalise your awning, so that yours can stand out amongst your neighbours’.

Go wild with ornaments such as garlands, figurines and cut-outs. You can even add light sculptures and Christmas figures on your awning. You could even put up a bow! 

Remember, any of the decorations put up outside need to be able to endure the heat, wind and rain of Sydney’s outdoor weather. Take care to ensure the proper installation of your decorations. This is so that the safety and longevity are maintained.

Protecting your window awnings from Sydney’s weather

In the summer months, Sydney is prone to sweltering and humid weather, with the occasional thunderstorm and wind warning. 

Your awnings may already be vulnerable to potential damage. And by adding more weight and decorations, you may be creating an even more significant hazard to your awnings if the weather gets the better of your home.

To adequately prevent any dangerous occurrences from happening, use securing methods as extra precautions such as clamps or tie-down kits. These additional security measures help reduce the possibility of damage occurring to your beloved awning, home or people who frequently are near the awnings.

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