How to maintain your canvas awning

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An awning is an excellent addition to your property. You have the opportunity to socialise outdoors, no matter what the weather. And it also has numerous benefits for your home.

If you have an outdoor retractable awning, then cleaning and maintaining it can assure that it works effectively.

Is your awning representing your business? You especially want to make sure it is clean and attractive.

Ensuring your awnings remain in tip-top condition is essential for prolonging their life.

Whether you have a personal or business property awning, here are some ways to guarantee they are maintained well.


Cleaning your awning
First things first, extend or lower your awning to have full access to the shade. Depending on the exact material, you may adjust the cleaning process.

Use a hose or power washer to rinse the awning. In doing this, move from the top to the bottom.

When cleaning the underside, be careful as bees, wasps and/or birds may have nested there, and you don’t want to get a nasty surprise. Once the underside is clear, proceed to rinse it as well.

This simple method of rinsing should clean a lot of the debris or dirt that accumulates.

If there are persistent stains or dirt build-up, you may have to scrub or apply some awning-safe soaps.


If mould or mildew is present on your awning cover or shade, removing it is vital. It can lead to respiratory problems or flare-up existing breathing issues.

Removing it should be done using mould removal chemicals that are safe for the material. Do not use bleach as this could fade or affect the colours of the awning.

After cleaning and effectively removing the mildew/mould, then think about spraying a relevant mould prevention coating.

The awning is clean, now what?

Maintaining your awning
Now that your awning is clean, what are the steps you can implement to ensure it stays that way? And how can you retain its maximum function and visual appeal?

The best move is to consider applying a UV ray-protectant which will prevent the material from fading.

Straight drops or outdoor awnings in Sydney that are exposed to the sun for extended periods can quickly fade and dry out. Using sealants adds an extra layer of protection.

If your awning is rolled away or is being retracted regularly, then ensure that it is dry before packing it. A wet canopy can quickly form mould, stain or smell.

Using a BBQ or fire under your awning is fine, but it is essential to try and have the gases and smoke escape, as opposed to being trapped and potentially staining or ruining the shelter. This is simply a matter of placement.

Also, take note when birds’ poop or vegetation drops onto the awning. Removing these items earlier is best and minimises the chance of permanent damage, bad smells and long clean-ups.

Installing an awning for your home or business property is a fantastic investment. To maximise the benefits of having one, take these steps for proper maintenance.

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