Differences between a canopy and an awning

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Are you a business owner with a shop-front or a Sydney homeowner with exposed windows? Or maybe you are renovating your outdoor area and are searching for shade protection products? You may be looking at a few options out there.

While many assume that pergolas, awnings and canopies all provide the same features and benefits, this is not true. Different structures specialise in particular aspects of weather protection. For example, a window awning’s purpose will differ from an outdoor retractable awning looking at factors such as placement, durability and functionality.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between a canopy and an awning to help you make an informed decision about which product to invest in.

Features and uses of canopies for outdoor areas and weather protection

The biggest difference between awnings and canopies is in the design. Awnings are usually built into or onto the building’s wall. They can be fixed or retractable awnings, but remain attached to the wall.

Canopies, on the other hand, are free-standing and usually have posts that support the fabric. Canopies are often larger and cover bigger areas than most awnings, but awnings can be quite advanced and extensive too. However, canopies are best used on lawns and open spaces, where you can entertain guests.

If you’d like to host large groups of people in your yard, canopies are the way to go.

Awnings for business and homeowners in Sydney

Window awnings prevent harsh light and shadows from entering a home, keeping temperatures low and protecting furniture from sun damage.

Outdoor retractable awnings are often used on patios to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable in the outside heat. Both retractable awnings and window awnings can add style to your home by complementing its architectural design and colouring.

Awnings for business and homeowners in Sydney

If we’re talking terms of size, awnings’ dimensions generally depend on the surface they are attached to. You can use awnings on doors and windows to protect your home from direct sun rays. It’s an excellent way to regulate internal temperature.

A range of colours, patterns and styles are available to suit the architecture of any house. Remember that awnings are a permanent structure and therefore it’s advisable to choose something that complements the current style and decor of your garden. Make sure to take into account your garden furniture and window dressings.


Which product is right for me?

The most important question to ask in this case would be – ‘what purpose do you need the product for’. Think about the location they will be used, the way they are stored and the effect will they provide. While both awnings and canopies offer excellent protection against weather elements, they vary in functionality.

Generally speaking, awnings are much easier to retract quickly, allowing natural sunlight to enter the courtyard or deck and filter through to the interior. Then when shade cover is required, they are easily deployed.

Canopies can be taken down but it may not be very easy or convenient to do so and are often left up permanently.

Ask yourself four questions when considering canopies and awnings for sale in Sydney:

  • Are you looking to cool your home?
  • Does it need to be easily retracted?
  • What is the size of the space you are looking to cover?
  • What is your available budget?

After considering these options, you may still be indecisive or want to speak to an expert in awning installation. Contact Eureka Awnings today on 1300 789 886 to speak to a trusted blinds and retractable awnings expert in Sydney and find the perfect fit for you.