Custom-made vs store-bought awnings

3 mins read

Awnings are growing in popularity in Sydney. Many people are seeing the benefits of having this structure installed outside their building, balcony or home. Once someone decides that they want an awning, the next question they usually ask is,‘what kind of awning should I get?’

It is so common today for people to choose the easiest option of getting a pre-made or DIY-installed awning, but they fail to recognise the immense benefits of custom-made awnings in Sydney. Let’s look at the differences between custom and store-bought instalments and what is best for you.


It may seem more convenient to just purchase a store-bought awning and install it, but every home or business is different. An awning should be an investment that adds value to your property, not just something that’s installed because it can be.

Choosing custom-made may mean more time for selection or discussion initially, but it will better match your building and it will be much more functional. What is worse than buying and installing a store-bought awning and finding out it doesn’t fit the whole window, or it clashes with the style of your business looking trashy and out of place? It is ultimately more convenient to choose custom-made, especially when dealing with professionals such as Eureka Awnings.

Straight drop awning


Your awning selection should be an improvement to your outdoor area. Most store-bought awnings have minted functionality—and if they are used for anything other than exactly how the box describes, damages may occur and warranties are voided.

With Eureka Awnings, we can custom design and build awnings that suit your needs, whether you choose a manual awning or an outdoor retractable awning. This allows you to have multi-functional use and you don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty for using your awning. Custom awnings are more durable and can be made from the exact materials that work with your property, allowing seamless integration.

Outdoor retractable awning


Custom awnings in Sydney make a business or home stand out from the rest. Cheaper store-bought awnings can be seen anywhere and they not only become virtually invisible, but if they are seen, they aren’t viewed favourably as well.

Having a custom awning with your company logo, image or slogan printed on it instantly raises your awning above the rest and gets your business noticed. For homes that want a specific colour, design or pattern, custom options are available. This is not the case with store-bought awnings.

Convertable awning

It is clear why custom awnings are the better option for your Sydney property. If you want the best awnings for sale, then contact Eureka Awnings at 1300 789 886. We are a long-established awning specialist that engineer, design and install all types of custom awnings.