Clever awning ideas

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So, you’ve installed an awning and now you’re looking for ways to enhance your shade experience. Perhaps you’re considering to purchase awnings for your home and are looking into decorative options.

Awnings are a great way to extend your living space and create an outdoor room. They add value to your home and allow you to spend more time outdoors.

With Sydney’s summer months rolling in fast, you are going to spend a lot more time outdoors. Having specific covered areas in your home will create cool spaces to recline and enjoy the warm weather without being bothered by the intense heat.

But awnings don’t have to be boring and bland! Keep reading to discover creative ways to spruce up your shaded areas this summer.

Get creative with texture and materials

Most awnings are primarily functional, protecting you and your furnishings from weathering elements, particularly the sun. But often people don’t realise that awnings can co-function with your home’s other features, providing you with the ultimate shading experience.

There are countless combinations of textures and materials you can use to get the perfect, functional and visually-appealing awning you want.

Get creative with texture and materials

The most recognisable awnings you’ve probably seen, originating from the ’50s, is the classic fabric window awnings. While these seem outdated and vintage, there are still very modern uses and applications for these types of awnings.

Homeowners all over Sydney have installed fabric window awnings on their homes to protect their indoor furniture and lower the cost of air-con usage. To further increase functionality, fabric awnings now come in permanent or retractable options.

If you prefer a more contemporary finish, choose an awning fabric that matches the colour tones of your home. A patterned or simple colour style will bring your home together.

It is good to note that some retractable awnings are not made for harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you’ll need to roll up or put away your awning when windy and rainy weather is approaching.

It is essential to retract your awning when high winds are predicted if this is the case. Waterproofing your awning fabric can increase its’s durability. Additionally, waterproofing also makes your material wind-proof.

Often, homeowners have multiple shade devices distributed among their property. Maybe your windows are protected by shading, but your outdoor entertainment area isn’t.

Installing a pergola, awning, gazebo, or any other shade device will not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your home but also serve as a privacy barrier for neighbours with homes that have more than one level.

Homes with an industrial or contemporary finish could utilise lightweight metals with vintage or sleek designs to integrate into their permanent or outdoor retractable awnings. If you have a wooden pergola or glass covering for a terrace or outdoor space, Eureka Awnings provides an innovative option for you.

The Eureka Belt is an outdoor retractable awning that can be installed over your pergola or glass roofing. It provides you with the opportunity to choose glass, open roofing or covered protection as per your needs.

Finally, coastal homes or farms usually have shading made of textiles such as bamboo, wicker or tiki thatch. These natural textures provide rustic, coastal and island flair to your home. Retractable awnings with materials like wicker integrated into them will present you with a backyard adjustable shade device, looking aesthetically pleasing in every way.

Upgrade your awnings with these decorative ideas

Upgrade your awnings with these decorative ideas

Decorating the covered areas in your house doesn’t have to be complicated. If you own an awning or pergola, you probably already have a style or theme going on in your outdoor area.

A significant benefit of having permanent awnings is that you can keep adding to them.

If your home has a lot of greenery or has minimal vegetation, a way to spice up and add to your outdoor environment is to grow creeping vines on your permanent pergola. Plants provide natural shade and contribute to the quality of your air. Creeping vines and hanging potted plants are attractive, cost-effective ways to decorate your permanent shade structures.

Another feature to consider for your awning or pergola is lighting. If you often enjoy late-night BBQs or romantic dinners, decorating with LED lighting, hanging lanterns, candles, or solar-powered fairy lights will create this effect. Your outdoor area will be transformed into a cosy, well-lit space you will never want to leave.

For more cooling options and protection from bugs, outdoor fans and curtains can be installed on your permanent shade structures. For curtains, using a canvas tarp is an affordable, easy DIY installation process. Fans and curtains provide additional privacy and extra cooling on the hottest summer days Sydney has to offer.

There are many varieties of awnings for sale in Sydney. Picking the exact style and functionality can be difficult without expertise.


To talk to an awning installation expert about your outdoor shading needs, call Eureka Awnings 1300 789 886, for reliable and affordable awnings in Sydney.