Benefits of retractable awnings on your balcony

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Even if you only use your balcony sporadically, installing a retractable awning can help to reduce your air-conditioning costs and allow you more flexible use of the outdoor space. Let us explore the different types of outdoor retractable awnings and the benefits they can have for your home.

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Benefits of a balcony awning

A balcony without an overhead roof can often be an underutilised space due to exposure to the elements.

Creating a useful balcony area can extend your room to the outside and allow you to use the space all year round. Installing an outdoor retractable awning on your balcony can provide you with many benefits, including:

  • All-year-round protection
  • Reduce fading and deterioration on your outdoor furniture
  • Reduce and prevent fading to your indoor furniture, carpets and rugs
  • Reduce cooling costs in summer

Unlike a fixed roof structure, you can easily open and close the awning when you need to. It can also help reduce your cooling costs in summer by shading the balcony doors and windows from direct heat.

Types of retractable awnings

There are a few different types of retractable awnings for sale, that can be used on your balcony.

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The Folding Arm Awning is one of the most popular awning options available. It has two spring-tensioned arms that pull the fabric tight and provide support when extended. The folding arm awning retracts discreetly inside the cassette and blends seamlessly with the exterior of your house.

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The Eureka Belt Awning is ideal for shading and protecting larger areas and balconies. With permanent side guides and are perfect for a sloped angle installation.

external awnings sydney

The Retractable Pergola is a more permanent structure and is ideal for balconies in a high wind area, This option provides a more solid frame and retractable roof and allows you to install fixed guttering to redirect rainfall.

All retractable awning options are modern and aesthetically pleasing, allowing them to blend nicely on the outside of your home.

Making the right choice

Every balcony and outdoor space are unique and you will need to consider a few things when deciding if a retractable awning is right for you.

External awnings in Sydney are becoming increasingly popular and can be a more cost-effective and flexible solution to a fixed roof. It allows you to use your outdoor space and still maintain your beautiful outlook.

Our experienced, helpful consultants can help you decide which retractable awning is right for your balcony. Give us a call on 1300 789 886 and we can answer any questions you may have and arrange a measure and quote.