Why Awnings are a timeless treasure

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Awnings are an excellent retractable shade solution. Although their aesthetic design can change, they are a timeless treasure!

For those looking to accentuate their vintage home style or considering a more modern and contemporary design, awnings have got it all.

Outdoor Retractable Awnings

Awnings come in multitudes of shapes, sizes and designs. They generally are permanent installations or have retractable functionality. As a retractable shade solution, these awnings are ideal for small areas with limited space. It’s just as easy to extend as they are to retract.

Outdoor retractable awnings are suitable for use in any weather conditions on a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Rain or shine, retractable shade awnings can shield your window from the wet weather or summer sun.

They are also fire-rated, 100% waterproof, resistant to dirt and heat and do not shrink over time.

These awnings are durable and can withstand the harshest elements, making them the perfect long-term investment providing use for years to come.

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Folding Arm Extended Awning

For those looking to add a homely, welcoming feature to older manicured properties or beachside properties, the folding arm extended awning is one to add to your property. It effectively provides a visual aesthetic while also offering the weather protection you need.

Folding arm awnings are designed to maximise outdoor spaces, making them perfect for commercial and residential use.

Folding arm awnings are like adding an extra room to your home or unit without the construction costs. These types of awnings maximise your outdoor areas and are excellent for verandah, restaurants or backyards.

From the Family Basic to Titan Forte, these extended awnings add a subtle hint of fashion to your outdoor space. The user-adjustable pitch control sets the standard for durability, function and design.

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Window Awnings for your home or shop front

Window awnings are the perfect attachment for covering windows and doors to prevent weather penetration. They keep the sun off the glass and is far more effective at reducing heat than an internal blind.

Exterior awnings can reduce the entry of solar energy by up to 80%. By comparison, solar film or interior shutters typically offer 40% protection.

Our awnings are made from reinforced extruded aluminium and are available in a full range of powder-coated colours to meet Australian Standards. They can be mounted from fascia or wall.

If you need high-quality awnings for your home or business, talk to Eureka Awnings today. We have an extensive collection of awnings for sale. We also have a variety of options to suit your tastes and budget.

At Eureka Awnings, we guarantee that we have the perfect window awnings for all of Sydney’s homes and businesses. Call Eureka Awnings today on 1300 789 886 to find your dream awning.