What to look for when considering awnings for your business

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Awnings are a great choice for your business. Their purpose goes far beyond blocking out the sun from your windows. Let’s explore how awnings can benefit your business and how they can be used effectively.

awnings for cafes

Awnings for cafes, restaurants and hospitality settings

Retractable awnings are a great way to expand your outdoor dining space without the commitment of a fixed pergola and the expensive construction that goes along with it.

Using an awning to create shelter and shade for your dining customers will also allow you to offer flexibility in your outdoor space. An awning provides protection from the elements and it can be retracted on a beautiful day to allow open-air dining. You can let diners enjoy canapes under the moonlight and afternoon cocktails in the sun.

Utilising your outdoor space will allow you to increase your seating capacity and the protection provided by an awning will ensure you can maintain outdoor reservations.

sunlight filter

Filter sunlight and create privacy for your retail windows

Natural light in a retail environment is essential. It allows your customers to see the true colour of your products and creates a more pleasant shopping environment. However, if the sunlight is too harsh or direct it can have unwanted consequences including fading your stock, carpets and furniture. Harsh sunlight can also give unwanted glare on computer screens or similar devices.

Creating a comfortable environment will make for happier staff. It encourages shoppers to spend more time in your store exploring your range and in turn making more purchases.

Using a fixed canopy awning can create a unique European boutique-style for your façade and can also shade your windows from direct sunlight. Using a lock arm window awning will allow you to screen your windows to filter light and create privacy, while still letting you slide the awning up and down to control the amount of coverage.

awnings for business

Awnings can save your business money

Creating a welcoming environment for your customers and a comfortable workplace for your staff is essential. Additionally, a good awning can contribute to saving you from expensive electricity bills.

Awnings not only filter sunlight through your windows, but they also keep your interior cooler in summer and hold the warmth in winter. This will allow your air conditioner to be more energy-efficient and in turn, save you money.

Ensuring your awning is easy to use and convenient for your staff is also a must. It saves time and prevents any accidental damage to your awning by inexperienced staff. Awnings can be motorised so they are extended and retracted at the touch of a button or can easily be used manually.

Eureka awnings engineer, design and manufacture all of their awnings in their Sydney factory. This hands-on approach ensures quality control is maintained from the very beginning. Our showroom in North Willoughby is open by appointment seven days a week.

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