Retractable vs Fixed Awnings

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There are a few differences between a fixed and retractable awning, and it is more than just movement or no movement. Find out the main differences between fixed and retractable awnings to help you make the best decision for your requirements.

Retractable Awnings

Awnings can be used to cover windows or serve as a roof structure over a patio. Retractable awnings provide you with the flexibility to adjust the protection from the elements depending on the weather or season.

Retractable awnings allow you to discreetly tuck away when needed. It lets natural light into your home or opens up your patio area on a nice sunny day, whilst also giving you the shade option from the harsh sun.

There are added benefits to a retractable awning that can aid in the protection and longevity of the fabric. While awning fabrics are designed to withstand harsh elements, retracting your awning during adverse weather events can help to prevent any damage to your awning from wind, rain or hail.

With many mechanism options for your awnings, they can easily open or close with the touch of a button. It makes it easy to quickly tuck away your awnings in the event of a flash storm or high winds.

Fixed Awnings

There are many reasons to install a fixed position awning. One example is If you have a room or office that has large windows where bright light streams in all day, a fixed awning can provide permanent shade and filtered light.

Fixed awnings have their advantages. It has fewer moving parts which mean they will need less maintenance and repairs long term as they are not being opened and closed regularly.

Awning fabrics and structures are designed to withstand high winds. However, there is always the possibility of damage in extreme weather and a fixed awning is exposed to the elements all year round. This may shorten the lifespan of your awning and it is recommended to take this into account when choosing your fabrics.

fixed awnings

A fixed awning can also be used as a roof covering over a patio area and can often be a more cost-effective solution rather than a hard structure. This feature allows you to extend your living area to your outside spaces while being protected from the sun and rain.

Making a decision

When choosing the right awning, it is important to understand the weather conditions and the intended purpose of the awning. Will the awning be installed in a high-wind area? Will the awning be used all year round or only at certain times of the year?

All these things will play a role in your choice of a fixed awning or a retractable awning.

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