Renovating with Awnings – What are their benefits & are they still trending?

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Traditional window awnings are still very popular and one of the most common window awnings for sale in Australia. They are perfect for protecting your home from the harsh elements and giving you an extra level of privacy. While the traditional striped canvas awnings are still available and quite popular with some, many renovators are looking for a more modern option for their homes.

Window awnings in Sydney don’t have to be daggy or outdated. Throughout the years, it has come a long way in appearance and functionality. There are many beautiful modern styles and fabrics to suit your home and they can even enhance your home’s appearance, increase your resale value and make your home more comfortable to live in.

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What are some of the more modern styles of awnings?

Traditional canvas material comes in a range of different colours and styles. Typically, the fabric is rain-resistant and allows you to keep your windows open while protecting your home interior from the elements. It also allows great airflow and will filter natural light into your home without the harshness of the direct sun.

Shade mesh fabrics are popular for those who want to filter sunlight coming through your windows. It can still maintain maximum airflow and a level of privacy that allows you to see outside but limits others from seeing in.

outdoor retractable awning

The Automatic Lock Arm System is the traditional mechanism used for outdoor retractable awnings that is easy to pull down and retract. It is still a very popular mechanism and creates an attractive aesthetic to most windows when combined with fabric to compliment your home.

If you are looking for a more modern look, the Antares Tension System will give you a neat European slimline appearance, with strong tension that makes it extremely wind-resistant. This system allows your choice of fabric to cover your windows vertically in a straight drop, improving privacy at the sides of your awning and creating a more flush appearance.

What are some of the benefits of awnings?

Window awnings allow you to filter sunlight into your home and can reduce fading to your furniture and carpet.

The added privacy from your neighbours and passersby, allows you to enjoy your home with natural sunlight and without feeling like the neighbourhood can see in. These combined, create a more comfortable and secure home environment for you to enjoy.

How can awnings save me money?

Keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter while being sustainable and cost-effective is one of the biggest challenges faced when renovating in Sydney. While we all love windows in our home to bring in natural sunlight and capture the views of our surroundings, windows are the cause of most of our heating and cooling problems.

During winter, the heat inside your home is lost through the glass in your windows. The same happens in summer when the sun streaming through your windows, forces your air conditioning system to work twice as hard to cool your home. This in turn costs you more money in heating and cooling costs.

Using curtains or closed blinds can help, however, they can block the natural sunlight and can make your home feel dark and enclosed.

Window awnings are the perfect solution and will allow you to maintain a more consistent temperature in your home and save you money in the process.

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