Our retractable awnings in action

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There is no doubt about it; Sydney’s summer months bring the heat – and let’s not forget about the occasional tropical rainstorm.

Imagine enjoying a hot holiday BBQ on your porch, and within minutes, all your guests, furniture and food are soaked in a surprise thundershower.

You may be thinking, “How can I always be prepared for the weather; rain or shine?”

Retractable awnings don’t only increase the curb appeal and add value to your home, they also improve your property value, with aesthetic and functional qualities.

Benefits of retractable awnings

One of the most significant selling factors retractable awnings have to offer is their versatility. They are compatible with all kinds of weather. And they can provide shade from the sun or shelter from the rain.

A notable benefit of installing a retractable awning, as opposed to a fixed one, is the ability to store away and bring out the covering with ease.

You may not want to keep your awning exposed to severe weather conditions, as it may get damaged. Knowing whether to invest in a mechanical or manual retractable awning will do the trick.

Benefits of retractable awnings

Awnings also reduce the cost of cooling within homes. Even with air-conditioning on full blast, the hot Australian sun finds a way to heat the rooms of your home through the windows.

Installing a retractable awning will provide a canopy over your window, allowing minimal sun rays to enter your house through windows.

In the winter months, awnings can easily be stored away to keep warm when the outside temperatures are a bit cooler.

Awnings are considered high-quality and low maintenance. This is because the upkeep and cleaning process is relatively inexpensive and straightforward.

If you clean the material periodically, keep a sharp eye out for mould and rust. Once you attend to any minor damage immediately, your awnings are sure to last for years.

Those concerned with the awnings’ versatility and aesthetic nature, do not need to worry about it becoming an eyesore.

Awnings can be custom build to suit your space, and you can usually select your colour scheme to fit your homes’ style.

Selecting the right outdoor retractable awning

Selecting an outdoor retractable awning perfect for you can seem complicated, but once you know what to look out for, you’ll be able to choose and purchase one of your own with ease.

Firstly, identify the primary purpose of getting an awning.

Most awnings can withstand extreme weathering, but some materials are a more substantial investment in the long term, with few risks of damage and maintenance costs.

Secondly, evaluate the sizing of the area you want to place the awning in.

You may also want to consider if putting up a fixed permanent or retractable awning is better for you. Each space and home have various needs. Find out what will best add value to your space first before you make a purchase.

Thirdly, look at your budget. Aalta identifies a few factors that contribute to the price of an awning:

“The type of awning required – retractable roofs and Zip patio awnings are premium products. Folding arm awnings, patio awnings and shade runners are generally more cost-effective. However, these will vary depending on a number of factors listed below:

  • Dimensions, width and projection. Whilst the bigger awnings are more expensive, the cost per square metre is usually less!
  • Whether it is manually operated or motorised and if motorised, are there any sensors required?
  • Whether a frame, beam or posts are needed to support the awning
  • The finishes of the awning, such as fabric and powder coating”


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