Electric awnings vs manual awnings

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Awnings in Sydney add a lot of class, functionality and purpose to your business property or home in the area.

A common question for most people who are thinking about purchasing one is ‘should I get an electric or manual awning?’ However, there is rarely a clear cut answer to these questions as each individual has specific needs.

Obviously, the main difference between the two options is that electric awnings can be raised and lowered at the push of a button. Whilst manual requires ropes, pulleys and physical adjustment.

So, let’s examine the key differences between electric and manual awnings, so you can better decide on the right choice.


In our world today, so many things can be operated at the push of a button.

Raising and lowering awnings of any size can be burdensome. Electric awnings can remove this burden! You can instantly create a cooling shade from the comfort of your chair.

Perhaps it is raining and you want to open an awning? Electric awnings will allow you to set up a rain cover without the hassle of trying to manually release the awnings and getting soaked in the process.

When it comes to convenience, electric awnings win by far. You don’t have to stop what you are doing to adjust it—you just press a button. Of course, there are times when it is convenient to manually adjust, but the overall efficiency of electric awnings surpasses manual operation.

We understand that it may be more convenient for you to have a manual awning solution, which is why we have the installation experience and availability of both electric and manual awnings.


When it comes to pricing, electric awnings are typically more expensive. This is because of their modern efficiency and sleekness. Manual awnings do not have electric components and thus, don’t require the same systems.

Cord and reel awning

Both manual and electric awnings of Eureka are made with high quality framing and shade materials, so in terms of quality, you don’t miss out. But the advancement of electric awnings can transform your awning into the 21st century.

If paying a little extra for electric awnings may not seem feasible, choosing manual options allow you to potentially upgrade later on. We can work with you to determine the best awning solutions for your budget, and of course, your needs.


Your awning is an investment. It is a feature that elevates your home or business after all.

Manual awnings are outdated compared to electric ones. Having a modern awning solution is the best way to keep your investment fresh for the longest time. So if you’re from Sydney, a contemporary and changing city, investing in electric awnings will keep your business on top of the times.

Retractable awning

Ultimately, the choice is yours and whatever it is you choose, you need quality, reliable and effective awning solutions.

Eureka Awnings has honest awning solutions, whether electric or manual. We specialise in pergola, patio, business, window and verandah awnings throughout Sydney. If you want to update your property, give us a call on 1300 789 886 today.