Benefits of straight drop awnings

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Having a business in Sydney often requires a lot of work and long hours. Business owners strive to reach as many people as possible and boost their product or services all while trying to save money and cut costs.

Finding ways to kill two birds with one stone is an essential business practice. And straight drop awnings are the perfect solution to boosting your business whilst investing in your property and ultimately saving money.

Great advertising

Straight drop awnings that are custom-made have the advantage of providing personalised advertising along with a functional use.

Having an awning that further broadcasts your message, a product or even just to help identify your store better is beyond beneficial.

Think about how much more effective a store is when it has identifying signs rather than having it hidden away with no clear labelling. A straight drop awning makes your store stand out!

Straight drop awnings


Having a straight drop awning is not just about advertising, but it provides functional benefits to your building as well. Awnings help reduce heat and cooling bills because they help regulate temperature.

They also provide space for you to avoid rain, hail or excessive sunshine. This can open the outdoor area of your store for use or just make it more accessible.

In the long run, a straight drop awning is a super simple but effective investment.


When a store has no clear labelling or markings, it can not only be hard to identify them, but also to trust them.

With a customised straight drop awning, your store credibility can be improved, but only with high-quality, professional-looking awnings.

Eureka Awnings are the experts when it comes to personalised straight drop awnings. Having helped many Sydney stores, you can expect them to assist you, too.

Straight drop awnings

Easy to use

Whether you opt for retractable, manual or electric straight drop awnings, they are some of the simplest forms of awnings on the market. They are easy to use and can be adjusted with ease by most people.

Also, the parts that operate a straight drop awning are typically simple in nature, so they have less chance of breaking or incurring damage. And if they do get damaged, they are typically a simple fix.

Straight drop awnings are one of the best awning choices for your store. When personalised, they provide great advertising but are also highly beneficial.

If you are in need of an awning in Sydney or want to learn more about how we can customise awnings to boost your business, then contact Eureka Awnings at 1300 789 886.