Awnings and energy efficiency

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Your outdoor space may be exposed to the harmful effects of Sydney’s heat and changing weather. An effective way to protect your home furniture from damages and save you money and energy is by installing fixed or outdoor retractable awnings that will prevent damages.

Most people are surprised by the enormous money and energy-saving benefits you get from effective awning solutions! How does this work? Keep reading below to learn more.

Saving your energy bill

One valuable motive to invest in awnings for your Sydney home is the enhanced energy efficiency.

Reducing heat gain in your home by up to 70% will help save on your energy bill. Since you won’t have to run an air conditioner or fan for as long or as high as you used to.

Awnings can save energy during the summer seasons, but they may increase the energy used for heating your indoor space. This is one of the factors to keep in mind when deciding whether awnings are right for you.

You can select retractable awnings to allow adjustable use depending on the season. Keep the awnings installed or closed in the summer and remove or open them during winter.

Although, fixed awnings could also be installed to allow the lower-angle winter sunlight to reach through your windows.

Awnings and energy efficiency

The role an awning plays in saving energy

The role of an awning is to regulate the amount of solar energy that reaches the facade of your home, especially the parts of it that are glass. An external shade will block out up to 80% of the direct heat load on a window, resulting in an immediate reduction in heat transfer.

Awnings dramatically reduce the ability for solar energy to be converted to radiant heat in your home, This means it requires less energy to cool your home in the summer months and saves you energy costs.

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