Are awnings worth it?

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In the summer months, a large portion of your home’s energy goes to keeping you indoors cool.

Although, the sun’s heat can still enter your home through windows and rack up your energy bill despite all attempts to cool down your indoor areas.

Your outdoor space, too, may be exposed to the harmful effects of Sydney’s heat and weathering. But installing fixed or outdoor retractable awnings will prevent damages, protect your home furniture and save you money!

For more benefits and reasons why awnings are worth the investment, keep reading below.

Are awnings worth the investment?

Enhanced energy efficiency

One valuable motive to invest in awnings for your Sydney home is the enhanced energy efficiency.

Reducing heat gain in your home by up to 70% will help save on your energy bill. Since you won’t have to run an air conditioner or fan for as long or high.

Awnings can save energy during the summer seasons, but they may increase the energy used for heating.

This is one of the factors to keep in mind when deciding whether awnings are right for you.

You can select retractable awnings to allow adjustable use depending on the season. Keep the awnings installed or closed in the summer and remove or open awnings during winter.

Although, fixed awnings could also be installed to allow the lower-angle winter sunlight to reach through your windows.


Minimise UV/sun damage

UV or ultraviolet light is just outside the visible spectrum and naturally occurs with sunshine.

Sunburn and damage occur when this UV radiation penetrates your skin or furniture layers and causes minor damages.

Are awnings worth it?

Protection against weathering

Installing retractable awnings is a great solution against ultraviolet light. It provides effective protection for outdoor areas, and even for indoor seating areas with large windows.

For Sydney’s rainy weather, your outdoor space or windows may benefit from a sturdy awning to protect your indoors from the rain. The durability of the awnings largely depends on its materials.

At  Eureka Awnings, the best quality materials and builds are used to ensure a perfect awning for your home and needs all-year-round.


Expanded outdoor living

Yet another benefit to external awnings is that you’ve got a quick way of extending the dwelling space in your home whenever you need it.

Say you need more space for a party while providing your guests adequate protection against the changing weather; awnings can help you do just that and more!


Increased curb appeal

There are hundreds of styles and colours to pick from when selecting the right awning for your home.

Regardless of the shape, size or pattern, people’s head will be turning as they walk or drive by your house. You can easily utilise your awnings both functionally and aesthetically.


Adds value to your home

Your property value will increase once you’ve installed awnings.

As an extra measure of versatile shade protection and beauty, you will see a pleasant increase in your home’s market value. It will definitely serve as a great ROI if you sell your property.

Where to get the best awnings in Sydney

There are several options available for those looking to invest in fixed or retractable awnings in Sydney.

Eureka Awnings provide a complete design installation service to enhance your homes or businesses with specifically tailored styles, designs and colours to suit your needs.

A long-established awnings and blinds business servicing both residential and commercial needs, Eureka Awnings engineers, design and manufacture all our products in our factory in Sydney.

We pride ourselves in providing quality products at a price to match any budget. Call today on 1300 789 886 to speak with a product expert that knows how to turn your vision into reality.