8 helpful tips to consider when choosing your awning

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Investing in an awning can feel like a huge decision. With so many options and variations available, selecting an awning that is practical, visually appealing and cost-effective may seem too good to be true.

Take the following factors in mind when considering investing in an awning for your home or business.

Having better knowledge of these aspects will help you make an informed decision that will leave you happy with your brand-new cost-saving investment.

Weather – What kind of weather will your awning be exposed to?

Awnings in Sydney are exposed to drastic changes in weather all year-round.

With the scorching heat of Sydney’s summer months and the windy and rainy transitional seasons, your awnings are bound to go from one extreme weather condition to the next.

Fear not, awnings are specifically built to withstand these kinds of situations.

Depending on where you place your shade, we always recommend opting for an outdoor retractable awning.

These are made with materials that can endure external factors. And they’re ideal if you intend to install them on your windows and if your home generally experiences strong winds.

Retractable awnings have easy and convenient store-away functionality in cases of extreme winds and weather.

Eureka Awning’s range of retractable awnings, pergolas and roof systems are suitable for use in any weather conditions on a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

They are fire-rated, 100% waterproof, resistant to dirt and heat and do not shrink over time. They even offer a wind rating of up to W32 (117km/h) to withstand even the harshest elements.

Functionality – What purposes do you need an awning for?

Many homeowners or business owners are looking into awnings for outdoor or shop-front shade, protection from elements and visual aesthetic.

Although most awnings can adequately provide all these benefits, some have very special features which allow them to specifically meet the primary need for the awning.

For shop-front windows and sunny-side facing spaces in your home. Drop awnings can provide the privacy, shade and protection you need.

Drop Awnings are very robust external gear operated sunscreen systems. The Drop awning has no side guides or channels, so it does not interfere with architectural fretwork and post mouldings.

Furthermore, they can also be motorised.

If you are looking predominantly for shade protection from an awning or pergola, you’re going to want to opt for a larger area for the covering fabric or overhead textile.

Functionality – What purposes do you need an awning for?

Area – How much space will your awning need to take up?

This will impact your space in your outdoor area. As some installations make use of beams, posts and mechanical functionality to provide you with the awning to suit your requirements.

The Eureka Belt is perfect for large patios or terraces. It provides shade over a glass roof, large areas of shade over a patio or pergola, rugged construction and has an electric operation with optional remote or automatic control.

Placement – Where will your awning be installed?

Installing an awning on the external windows of your property is one of the most common home improvements to date.

Not only do they increase the value of your home, but they can lower heating and cooling costs in respective seasons, keeping the temperature a desirable interval all year long.

With such a variety of shapes and styles, fixed canopy awnings is a solution for everybody. Its frames are made of solid welded steel or aluminium with fabric skins available in a vast range of textures and colours.

Placement – Where will your awning be installed?

Mobility – Will you need to retract/move your awning regularly?

Sunny mornings can quickly shift into stormy afternoons. Don’t let your customers or backyard guests be suddenly drenched in Sydney’s surprise showers.

Whether it’s a retractable structure for your backyard, courtyard or deck that you’re looking for or a custom-made roof system to meet the needs of a restaurant, bar or commercial project, there is an outdoor retractable awning model to suit.

These retractable shade systems are available in widths up to 13m and a maximum projection of 10m in one fabric. So providing a solution to cover areas up to 130sq meters at the touch of a button has never been easier

Affordability – Is the installation you want cost-effective?

Any awning installed on the windows of your house will bring down temperature regulation costs and prove to be a cost-effective investment long term.

Folding arm awnings, for example, are like adding an extra room to your home or unit without the construction costs. These maximise your outdoor areas and are excellent for veranda, restaurants or backyards.

Affordability – Is the installation you want cost-effective?

Aesthetic – What colours would you like on your awning?

Window to wall, porch to patio, any awnings exist to make your life easier and more comfortable, sheltering you from the hot sun or pouring rain.

Not only do they excellently deliver on your expectations on a practical level, but they provide an aesthetic allure that nothing else can compete with.

With a vast array of colours, style, finishes and textures available, you have endless potential to choose from.

Improving the curb appeal of your home or business while saving cost on temperature regulation is a bargain worth taking up!

Maintenance – Is your awning provider a reliable awnings service provider?

Your awnings may require regular annual maintenance to live out their warranty lifespan. You could even get many more years out of your shade structure when taking time and putting in small but significant additional effort.

Due to the high-quality materials, Eureka Awning’s retractable structures are designed and installed to last.

High-quality, low-wick polyester yarns in the base fabric prevent bacteria, mould and fungus growth for years of low maintenance.

Eureka Awnings provide a complete design installation service to enhance your homes or businesses with specifically tailored styles, designs and colours to suit your needs. Learn more about our awning solutions today!

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